Milestone: 2012 celebrates annual release

By Tiffany Choy


The annual student literary journal Milestone: 2012 will be in the arms of students, teachers and the community. It will be released in the next two weeks, before Nov. 29.

To commemorate it this year, there will be a Milestone reading and party tomorrow.  The celebration will be located in the Art Lecture Hall (S1-112) at 12:15 p.m.

This celebration is open to all East Los Angeles college students. There will be refreshments offered to all guests at the reading ceremony.

Beginning more than 60 years ago, this journal has a profound historical presence campus. The journal’s main goal is to promote the literary works of ELAC students.

Milestone is sponsored by the english department. For more than 30 years, Carol Lem was the adviser for the literary publication. Lem was an English professor, who recently died earlier this year on Feb. 11.

The publication was Lem’s pride and joy. Lem was a huge reason why this publication was kept alive. Joan Gurfield, who is also an English professor, will continue the publication.

Milestone: 2012 is composed entirely of student works, which includes poetry, short stories. essays and artwork that was selected from the previous year.

These works represent the community’s emotions and concerns. Some of the ELAC students, who have contributed work to the journal, will be at the ceremony to read some of their works.

Along with being able to express emotions, the Milestone production process aids students in understanding the step-by-step process of producing literary or art works. Milestone: 2012 will be available for sale at the reading ceremony and at the ELAC bookstore.

Milestone will be sold for $5 each. People can also have the option of having Milestone: 2012 delivered.

Each year, ELAC students who wish to submit three copies of their work and include their name, address, email and phone number on each page to be published.

Students may now start submitting works for the 2013 fall issue.

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  1. “I write to know I’m not alone.” ~Carol Lem

    MILESTONE is a literary journal which has published short stories/poetry/essays/artwork by ELAC students for over 60 years. Lose yourself in some of ELAC’s finest literary works.

    ~Milestone: 2011 now available for sale at the ELAC bookstore for just $5!
    Featuring pieces from talented ELAC writers such as Trudi Hayashida, Luis Madrigal, Stevie Johnson, and more!
    Featuring artwork by gifted ELAC artists such as Tracy Liu, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Lidia Garcia, and more!

    ~Join us on Thursday, Nov. 29th from 12:15p.m.-1:30p.m. in the Art Lecture Hall (S1-112) for a reading and party to celebrate the release of Milestone: 2012.

    ~Want to have your work published in Milestone: 2013? Visit the English Department for information on upcoming submission calls.

    ~Follow Milestone online at or for the latest updates or to read up on past editions.

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