Free tutoring at East Los Angeles College

By Alejandra Carrillo


East Los Angeles College offers free tutoring for subjects such as Math and English.

Math and English have always given some students trouble therefore, Elans should take more advantage of these free tutoring sessions.

These students may be too proud to admit they need help in any subject but the truth of the matter is that being helped can only benefit the student.

For instance, tutoring is not only a way to get better grades but it also helps improve skills in a subject students struggle most in.

ELAC offers one-on-one tutoring in the library, learning center and the writing center. Walk-ins are welcomed but it is suggested to make an appointment beforehand because it guarantees the chances of being tutored.

There is really no excuse in receiving bad grades anymore because there is plenty free help being offered.

Other colleges do not offer these services so it is wise to take advantage of these opportunities.

Not only do Elans have the choice of receiving help from a trained tutor on campus but students also have the choice of being tutored online.

Students can visit the ELAC website and click the link for online tutoring. It provides a step-by-step guide to log in and get help by a trained tutor online.

The writing center also offers students on-going workshops which can help the development of essay outlining, close reading of texts and MLA formatting.

It also offers other kinds of workshops which focus on grammar issues, run-on sentences and fragments.

If students cannot make it to a certain workshop, there is no need to worry because workshops are offered at various days and times.

For Math tutoring, ELAC provides students with help from the Math lab. It is located in K5-104 and is open Monday through Saturday at different times.

Math tutoring is also offered at the South Gate campus room 104, Mondays through Thursdays at various times.

In addition to all these workshops and tutoring services that are available, the Helen Miller Bailey Library can help students join or create study groups with other students.

It is up to the student to make an effort in trying to improve their grades.

There are more than 100 computers on campus that can be used for help.

Students can go online and use software programs for different needs.

The learning assistance center offers the computer assisted instruction lab (CAI) where computers are linked to software programs such as Plato, keyboarding, grammar and even respiratory therapy.

Elans should not be afraid of going into any of these places and asking for help. After all, students are here to succeed and move forward.





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