Students dislike temporary gym

ELAC Gym Cartoon CN/Kien Ha

By Danni Chen


The school gymnasium is a place where students can enjoy physical education classes, so their bodies can stay in shape and relax their minds from the pressures of school and work.

The problem, however, is that a lot of students have complained about the temporary fitness center at the school.

The small rooms only have about 10 students, but still look crowded. The temporary gym is a small size classroom and every machine has very little space.

Due to limited space, it is difficult for students to work out.

“There is no fitting rooms and no place for me to take a shower and change clothes after doing exercise,” Jena Yang said.

“It is so crowded and inconvenient. Doing exercise in the small room makes me lose interests,” Yang continued.

I’m taking a physical education class this semester in order to get my associates degree, but I really do not like our school temporary fitness center.

It is too small and inconvenient which makes me really want to get rid of that class as soon as possible.

“My previous school in another state has a huge fitness center. That was a good place for me to relax from heavy study pressure. When the first time I came to our school fitness center, I was so shocked by overcrowding and inconvenient gym,” said LV Rui, who is also taking a physical education course.

In addition to students, there are also staff members that complain about the fitness center.

ELAC should provide students with a fitness center that has a good environment.

There are some students who actually want to exercise at the school gym, but they do not because they cannot stand the small, crowded rooms with only a few exercise machines inside.

Even though the environment is not the major factor affecting students’ decision to take physical education classes in the gym, it does influence their interests in exercising.

Students and staff members would like to move our gym back to its previous area, because it is much bigger and very convenient for students to change their clothing and take showers after exercising.

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