Assistant coach bids farewell to ELAC

GARRETT ELAC STINT ENDS—One of the most successful coaches in East Los Angeles College football is moving on to coach at the NCAA Division II level. Garrett leaves his mark that will be forever etched in ELAC football history. CN/Jazmin Farias


By Jazmin Farias


Assistant Coach Nick Garrett is leaving East Los Angeles College on January 2013 after four years of training the football team. On January 2013, Garrett will no longer coach the ELAC football team.

He accepted a job offer at Western New Mexico University as a passing game coordinator for the 2013 season in the NCAA Division II program.

“If there’s an opportunity in front of you, it doesn’t matter where you’re at, it’s really what you make of it,” Garrett said.

Garrett began his journey at ELAC in 2009.

He graduated from Hueneme High School in Oxnard and then attended Ventura College where he played football.  Soon after that, he received a scholarship to attend Graceland University in Iowa.

There he  played football and, shortly after, began his first season coaching as a student assistant.

His first year coaching in 2004-05, they had a record of 8-2.

He coached the running backs on the varsity program and was the junior varsity offensive coordinator. Garrett later coached at Kansas Wesleyan University in 2005-07, where they also had a record of 8-2.

He was the passing game coordinator, video coordinator and NFL.

He also  trained quarterback and receiver.

Then Garrett became the father of  five-year-old Jayleen. After things did not work out with his partner, he decided to leave coaching and come home.

He then went back to Hueneme High School, and was head coach, defensive coordinator, and assistant coach from 2007-08. Their record during that period was 5-5. Garrett took a break from coaching the following season. In 2009 he started coaching the football team at ELAC, and is currently the assistant quarterback coach and offensive coordinator.

Garrett didn’t just coach the football team. He was also head coach of the track and field team in 2010 and did ramp camps for youth organizations

Throughout his coaching at ELAC in 2011, they won the Mountain Conference and American Division Bowl. “Ever since I’ve been here we broke all offensive records,” Garrett said.

“Out of 200 teams, we are the number one offense team in the nationals and we are number two offense team in the state” Garrett said.

Since he has been coaching at ELAC, Garrett has been able to help his students to further pursue their education. “Over 90 kids got a scholarship that include all levels in football,’’  he said.

Garrett’s fellow coaches noticed his impact on the team. Athletic Trainer Diane Stankevitz said, “He has been a great asset to this program and just really turned the offense around.’’ Athletic Director Al Cone said, “There’s no question he will be missed.”

Garrett’s five-year goal is to be coaching in a NCAA Division I school or in the NFL.

“He earned an opportunity to move up,” Al Cone said. “He is someone who you see coaching in Division I,” he said.

Al Cone also said, “There’s a lot of holes to fill in the next year, I hope we can recruit the best local talent, period.”

Garrett has a philosophy which he breaks down as follows, “Mentality, if you don’t believe, we don’t believe. Being smart, you have to have football IQ. Being efficient, doing it the Husky way all the time. Reality, overall dominance in life, all factors, not just in football, beginning with family, academics and then football.”

Although he is leaving, Garrett said, “I am always going to be a Husky, no matter what.”

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