East Los Angeles College seeks new leader

By Allan Mejia and Ehecatl Negrete

Most students are oblivious to the bureaucracy in selecting a president for East Los Angeles College. By June 30, ELAC will have a new president due to Interim President Farley Herzek’s contract expiring.

District Nine Chancellor Daniel LaVista has hired a consulting firm that recruits candidates to apply for the presidential position.  They also created focus groups consisting of faculty, students and the community where qualification are established for hiring a president.

The potential president must gain the approval of the selection committee, which consists of students, representatives of each collective bargaining, office workers, faculty, deans, teamsters and maintenance workers.

The chair of this committee is Kathleen Burke-Kelley who is the president at Pierce College. “She provides an outside objective force needed to make the decision,” said Dean of Academic Affairs Kerrin McMahan.

The selection committee has already met to select their interviewees who will be interviewed in mid-December.

After the top five candidates gain the approval from the selection committee, they are sent to the chancellor who selects the top three candidates.  Finally, from the top three, The Board of Trustees decides who gets to be the president.

An ideal candidate in Jeffery Hernandez’s, a member of the budget committee, eyes would be someone who would “defend and advance ELAC in the face of challenges from the district and the state, and from creditors.”  The tricky thing is that the committee has to pick someone whom they believe will be excellent for the college; simultaneously, the chancellor has to think on a wider scope.

To be considered for the position, applicants will be required to file an application using web-based software to create an applicant profile account, allowing application documents to be saved and uploaded as attachments such as, a letter of application, preferably five pages or less, which provides examples from background and experience to demonstrate how your knowledge and expertise relate to the position.

Second, a current resume of professional experience, educational background, and other pertinent information. Lastly, a list of eight references with business and home telephone numbers, including two supervisors, two subordinates (including one support staff member), two faculty, and two community members.

Minimal requirements for presidential candidates are California credentials authorizing administrative service at the community college level or a master’s degree or advanced degree of an equivalent standard from an accredited college or university.

The required degree must be completed at the time of filing an application. An earned doctorate or equivalent terminal degree is preferred.  Two years of successful full-time experience as a senior manager in business, industry, education, government, or preferably a senior college or university administrator. Be noted for ethical conduct in personal and professional interactions.

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