Secretary sweeps way into ELAC

By Aurora Uc

Natalie Wong never realized she was going to end up being the Theatre Department secretary after finishing school, or even playing golf.

After graduating in Montebello High, Wong went off to Yale University where she majored in Geology, but never used her major and went to play professional golf. “I played for 10 years in tournaments aiming to be in the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association)”

She stopped playing and got her first job at a golf resort called Pacific Palm Conference Resort located in City of Industry where she was the gift store and spa manager. Not liking the air of having to boss everyone around and having to have strict orders to keep the employees with the rules, she quit. “I’ve never had an office job,” she said.

The transition from being the manager of the resort to being the Theater Department Secretary was a very welcomed one. She liked that she was helping the theater and being with the students, also the “casualness is great.”

Wong said, “here, I can wear comfortable clothes, but I can also wear fancy and it wouldn’t matter, unlike at the resort I had a dress code and we couldn’t have crazy nail colors or dye our hair, and if they did I had to ask them why, because I was the manager, and I would have to ask them to cover it or hide it. The place was very conservative.”

The students who are taking theater classes should know who Wong is due to her emails. She sends emails that the chairs in the theater department and also the teachers want the kids to know, such as ticket information.

She also runs the box office and the house operation. She handles publicity, which keeps her busy. She also helps with some jobs in the theater and also does help the speech and broadcasting class.

She hopes to become a teacher in theater, and have a class for teaching how to manage a theater, which she does.

As of right now what Wong is taking three classes: Photoshop, Microsoft excel and hula dancing, which she recommends highly. “It’s so much fun. The only thing there is, is that you move your hips a lot” she joked. Wong may be a petite woman, but she is motivated and is also in control of what’s going on and a very friendly kind person.

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