Free shuttle returns to ELAC



BACK TO BUSINESS— After months of missing the free shuttle between the South Gate and main campus, Richard Espinoza and Kathly Dubon are among a number of students waiting for the bus to show up. CN/Megan Perry

By Lindsey Maeda

After many requests from students, staff and faculty members, the shuttle that runs between East Los Angeles College and the South Gate campus will resume services tomorrow.

The free shuttle service was originally cancelled to sustain class offerings last fall, but seeing as various members of the ELAC and South Gate communities relied on it, administrators decided to bring it back.

“The shuttle’s going to benefit the students, since it gives them the opportunity to take classes at both campuses.  It also helps implement diversity, which is pretty exciting, since South Gate has been primarily a Hispanic community,” said Oscar Valeriano, Vice President of Student Services.

It will cost the school $60,000 to maintain the shuttle for one semester. Al Rios, ELAC South Gate Campus Dean of Academic Affairs, said that the school is trying to set up a contract that will lock in the shuttle service for three years.

They are waiting to get the contract approved by the Board of Trustees. “The shuttle is something that a lot of people have been requesting.  It’s really going to save students some time and money,” Rios said.

The shuttle will make nine daily trips between both campuses from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.  It will pick up passengers from ELAC on Avenida Cesar Chavez and from South Gate on Calden Street.

Passengers must show an ELAC school ID or print-out to board the shuttle.

Spring shuttle schedule

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