Women’s restrooms are dirty because of female students

By Dulce Carrillo

Paper towels on the floor, clogged toilets, broken toilet paper holders and urine stains are just some of the things that make the women’s restrooms at East Los Angeles College look dirty.

These issues are not the janitor’s fault though.

It is the fault of the women that enter the campus’ restrooms. Many go in a rush to use the restroom and that is where the mess begins.

As a result of stall doors being slammed, few have no locks and some do not reach the other side of the lock. Other women, since they see urine stains on the toilet seat, use toilet paper instead of the seat covers to cover them. Some do not even know what seat covers are or what they are for.Others might just forget about the seat covers and leave them on the toilet seat.

Some of the janitors in ELAC believe that women’s restrooms get beyond dirty. It’s more disgusting than the men’s restrooms. Janitors would love to avoid cleaning them, but since it’s their job to clean up, they have no choice but to enter the terrifying room.

Who would have known that women, who are considered to be the “clean-ones,” are the ones that keep the restrooms dirty almost every day?

It is rare to see a restroom clean during school hours.

Lets just begin with keeping the restrooms useable; no rushing, smashing the stall doors or saying, “Ewww, it’s dirty.” If one seat cover is not useful, use two and that will prevent urine drops from staining toilet seats. Make sure to flush. This is another reason why restrooms have a strong disgusting smell since some forget to flush their own mess.

Also, be gentle when pulling toilet paper. It is not going to go anywhere, so there should not be any on the floor. For those ladies that don’t have time to flush the toilet: flush the toilet. That is why many women who come into the restrooms, leave terrified with the little presents left behind after using the toilet.

Keeping a clean restroom will definitely help shorten the strong scent of urine that stays in the restrooms, have less broken items and let the janitors do their job comfortably.

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