Monterey Park to finish building Transit Center at ELAC

FINAL STOP—East Los Angeles College’s Transit Center, located on Collegian Avenue next to the new ASU parking structure, will open in the coming weeks. CN/Jesus Figueroa


By Erik Luna


Even though construction to the Transit Center had been delayed, the Monterey Park Department of Public Works plans to open it in the coming weeks.

Due to the parking structure on the corner of Collegian Avenue and West Floral Drive being built, the Transit Center had to be halted, according to Amy Ho, Transit Manager for Monterey Park.

“Part of the delay was due to the construction in the college,” Ho said. “Because the Transit Center is located next to the new parking structure, we were not able to start construction until the parking structure was completed, so they could get their equipment out of the property.”

In a 2011 issue of Campus News, the scheduled completion date for the Transit Center was set for early 2011, and then changed to the summer of last year.

Jacobs Pacifica, project managers at ELAC, stated in a weekly project update late last month that the estimated finish was planned for last Thursday.

The Transit Center will station Metro Transportation Authority line 68, Montebello Bus Line 10 and the Monterey Park Spirit lines 5 and 2.

A representative from Jacobs said that no bond money was used in the construction of the Transit Center.

The project update also stated that the planned start of the project would be Feb. 1, 2011.

Construction on the Transit Center officially began in late November 2011.

The project update also stated that the construction budget for Jacobs was $418,427 and that the project was 85 percent complete.

According to Ho, the cost of the Transit Center for Monterey Park, as a whole will be roughly $2 million dollars.

The architectural company, Barrio Planners, Inc. headed the designs for the Transit Center and E C Construction was hired as the contractor.

It will be a U-shape and will be managed and maintained by Monterey Park.

The Transit Center will have seven spots available for buses to stop and load and unload passengers.

No plans have been announced by either Monterey Park, or ELAC to have the shuttle that drives to and from the main campus to the South Gate campus operate from the Transit Center.

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