Lil Wayne releases sequel album ‘I am not a Human Being II’

By Pete Moye’

In 2010 he was not a human being. Following, an eight-month stint at Rikers Island jail in New York, he is still not a human being.

Well-acclaimed rapper Lil Wayne is back with his 10th studio album “I am not a Human Being II” which was released today.

This album serves as a sequel to his eighth studio album.

Throughout his career, his music has been recognized for its lyrical content, more specifically, his literary techniques.

His ability to intertwine metaphors and similes in nearly every other verse is still prevalent. However, rather than being as creative as he was during some of his earlier works such as “No Ceilings,” he now simplifies it down to virtually relating each bar into sexual reference.

For example, in the song, “Rich as F***,” he says,” “Tell the (expletive) that be hating I ain’t got no worries, I just wanna hit and run like I ain’t got insurance.”

While the album still doesn’t digress back to the older “Cash Money” days of Lil Wayne, he acknowledges the growth in his music transparently starting with the cover.

The artwork was designed by DONDA, artist Kanye West’s new design collective, named after his late mother. The album cover features a red moth spread across a black background.

While, his style may have changed, his process of releasing the album has not. Weezy, commonly known for delaying the release of his mixtapes and albums originally, had this one scheduled for the fall of 2012 but in classic fashion, delayed this compilation like many of its predecessors.

The beat production behind this album is one of the best that he’s rapped over in recent years. This time around he’s worked with such producers such as Mike WiLL Made It and fellow rapper Juicy J.

Also making an appearance on the album are fellow rappers, 2 Chainz, Future, Juicy J, Future, and Big Sean.

Three singles have been released from album so far: “My Homies Still, No Worries and Love me.”

His adlibs of inaudible sounds really add to the craziness of the song, “No Worries.” He constantly refers to “Shroomies,” or psilocybin mushrooms commonly used as a recreational drug.

Definitely not to be grazed over is the appearance of his Young Money counterpart Drake. The Canadian rapper provides the hook on the song “Love me.” While Lil Wayne comes with the raspier and harsher tones, Drake is able to juxtapose it with a smoother style, creating a harmonious blend.

When the original IANAHB was released Lil Wayne, who was known as Inmate #02616544L at the time, had just released the rock-infused album experimental collection “Rebirth.”

Now the artist also known as “Tunechi” enters the twilight of his career, he’s reverted to the style that has carried him throughout the bulk of his career.

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