Self-taught musician strives for success

JAMMIN’ OUT—Instrumentalist Joseph Quinones, left, lead guitar player Jose Covarrubia and vocalist Angel Salgado warm up on Sunday evening in their studio. Quinones and Salgado have been performing together in various bands for close to 10 years.


By Gabrielle Osei 


Twenty-three year old Joseph Quinones is a multi-instrumentalist and one of the founding members of The Delirians.

This East Los Angeles soul, ska and reggae band may not be heard on the radio or seen on MTV, but they are becoming known in the West Coast.

Old reggae vinyl records, which provide much of the inspiration for  the band, sit in a corner as the group goes into one of their numbers.

As the band plays, various artists stop by to listen and create their own type of art.

Quinones, who began playing music at the age of 12, chose it as an outlet to life after he moved to East Los Angeles from San Bernardino.

Skateboarding played a major role as well as the punk rock genre of music attached to it. Known as “the black sheep” of his family, becoming a musician was his form of self-expression and the exact opposite of what was expected of him. Other musicians influenced Quinones during his pre-teen years which also lead him to join his first band, Upground, at 13.

Quinones was the only child in his family to rebel and become a musician.

He traveled with Upground and learned to play various instruments after he dropped out of high school at age 17. The Delirians, which are compiled of five musicians, are   neighborhood friends.

They are also accompanied on stage by various guest musicians. On top of being a musician, Quinones produces most of The Delirians songs .

Tony Medina is the organ and piano player, Angel Salgado lead vocals, Jose Covarrubias lead guitarist and Eric Alvarez uses the Jazz kit for the drums.

Quinones has been on 12 tours since the age of 15, produced four albums holding 12 songs each.

He took a jazz improvisation class  at East Los Angeles College that taught him to appreciate music and taught himself to produce and record.

Quinones says he is the kind of musician who can hear a melody and can imitate the sound on an instrument.

He also records and produces songs of his own for He plays each instrument in the songs that are posted on the website and plans to one day have another band to use that material with.

The Delirians traveled to Canada for two weeks where they performed at the Victoria Ska Fest alongside reggae legends Toots and the Maytals.

Quinones’ advice to aspiring musicians and other artist is “humbleness will keep you grounded, remain positive and do it yourself.”

Their studio is described as an epicenter for creation and by the end of each day music is recorded or art is made.

“The music industry is different now. Learn about your craft and the business involved,” Quinones said.

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