Vision Club holds second annual talent show

By Lourdes Espinoza 


A night full of laughs and multi-talented acts filled the auditorium during the Vision Club’s second annual Talent Show last Friday night. Acts included dance routines, acoustic guitars, soulful singing and an impromptu act.

Many children were welcomed and played around prior to the show as chalk art, face painting, games and a magic show catered to the youthful crowd.

Brother-and-sister act Monique Mauries and Eric Mauries launched the segment with a beautiful performance involving a tiny acoustic guitar played slowly. Emotions settled as they dedicated their song to family and the almighty.

Two attention-grabbing dancers routines followed as Sasa Miu danced to songs like “Drop It Low” by Ester Dean. Joey Rodriguez received honorable mention for a lip-synched and choreographed performance to a medley of Ricky Martin songs.

Raffles throughout the night rewarded the crowd with free Vision Club shirts, flash drives and how-to books.

After intermission, poetry was recited with Jackie Zuniga as she reflected on life. Third place winner Andrew Gastelum won the crowd with an original piece dealing with political and historical realities and injustices.

John Ponce, Anais and Andrew Gastelum  performed a version of “Amores Lejanos” by Enanitos Verdes, which was well received by the crowd.

First place was given to surprise act Carlos Miranda through his acoustic narration of a young boy who has recently lost his mother. “It was more like I wanted to share my life story so you could say it was successful,” Miranda said.

The Vision Club aims to “develop and inspire leaders with vision, insight and integrity skilled in applying critical thinking strategies to solve problems and positively contribute to the world.”

Placing education as their top priority, their program included quotes from famous scientists such as Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. Their prizes were a testament to student advancement.

Vision Club members spoke highly on resources for students and condoned higher academic achievements.

The show ended with children instructing and dancing on stage as the audience followed every dance move to the tee. Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” set the soundtrack.

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