English department classrooms in need of improvement

By Evelyn Sanchez

Have you ever walked by the English Department in attempts to go to the bathroom only to find either no toilet paper or no toilet seat covers? When you look at the floor it is either covered by trash or toilet paper. The bathroom stall doors are covered in tagging markings and there are almost never any paper towels to dry your hands.

Yet on the other hand, ELAC’s library, E7 Technology and the F9 buildings are more beautiful than they have ever been. Lets not forget to mention the newest parking lot recently added for spring semester.

While certain spots of ELAC have been looking even nicer than ever, this can only lead to question as to when the English department and its bathrooms will finally ever look decent. The classrooms on that side of the campus are set in a bungalow style set-up. The air conditioner in most of the classrooms only work whenever they want to.

Some of the classrooms do not even have complete projector systems. I recall taking British Literature with a professor that enjoyed showing pictures, videos and poems through his computer. Yet, the classroom we were assigned in did not have a projector. The professor would have to stop his lecture to look for an empty classroom with an available projector.

Being an English major, I do not understand why ELAC’s English department has not been fixed or is hardly paid attention to. Is there a reason why the other buildings got more attention than the English section of campus. Since English is required to transfer, the school system knows that all students will spend a lot of time within that portion of campus so why are there no efforts being made to make the department look better.

English Professors and Instructors should be applauded. They are stuck in tiny cubic-like looking offices while other professors from departments like psychology, chicano studies and history are comfortable in much bigger and nicer workspace.

Is one department favored more than the other? It does not make sense why some departments get much more attention than others. Is the English department getting kicked to the side and getting repairs until every other part of campus is done being repaired?

It is understandable because ELAC is under construction, but when will it be the English departments turn to have new offices, buildings and all that comes with having new area.




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