Engineering Club takes 15th place in Human Powered Vehicle Competition

By Chriss Ramos 

Students from the Engineering Club, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, at East Los Angeles College took 15th place in this year’s Human Powered Vehicle Competition in San Marcos this spring.

The students who competed varied from UC’s, Cal State’s to a few Community Colleges, one being ELAC.

“They are going up against engineer students who are working on their senior projects and capstone classes. A lot of our students are basically freshman,” said Brian Vazquez, Engineering Club Advisor.

The participating students created fundraisers, asked Associated Student Union for funds and sponsorships from various companies to cover the costs to attend the HPVC.

Preparing for the HPVC began during the summer for these ELAC engineering students.

The participants begin with assigning roles, learning about the design process, conducting research and identifying what the judges are looking for.

The participants then follow with concept generation, “This is where ideas start generating on what it should look like, what features it should include, basically, the rough sketches,” Vazquez said.

Finally, the participants begin concept refinement, followed by building the model, testing it, repairing it and testing it again.

“We need to break whatever needs to break on campus so we don’t break down during the competition,” Vazquez said.

This year’s competition marked the fourth year ELAC has participated in the HPVC, hosted in the west and east coast.


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