Construction leads to detours at ELAC

By William Hernandez

Along with facing roadblocks in getting their classes, community college students at East Los Angeles college are now having a hard time physically getting to class.

No longer is the walk to class an easy route, with half of the campus being under construction, a typical two to three minute walk to class is now stretched to a five to seven minute hike because of the numerous detours.

Construction for the current projects began last year during  October, and the completions  dates for some of these projects aren’t expected until the end of the Fall 2014 semester.

What used to be a straightforward pathway between the E1 and E3 buildings, is now a narrow construction road that was the  scene of a prospective ELAC student being sexually harassed on orientation day July 8.

It’s a great thing that ELAC is investing millions of dollars into providing new resources for its students.

Therefore a project of this size that has already started, isn’t going to be shut down for the sake of student safety.

Instead, students will need to plan ahead before coming to campus to avoid any dilemmas in getting to class and avoid any awkward or dangerous confrontations. Arriving to campus an hour or two before class starts, instantly reduces the stress and risk of being late.

Also, a good strategy to avoid a risky situation is by pairing up and walking with a friend. Walking to class with friends and classmates enhances your safety. Campus construction has caused us all endless headaches.

So learn to adapt to the situation, and find your spots to sit and study with friends on campus. Plan ahead, and accordingly to your class schedule and personal life, so that the construction doesn’t interfere with school and nor with the experience.

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