New semester inspires students to perform better

By Laura Parral

As the new semester begins, many students promise themselves to get good grades on their classes.

At first, we feel like we will do anything it takes to pass a class, as the workload is light at the beginning of every semester. However, after a few weeks into the class, many students fall short on their promises.

We must be fully focused on our classes and give 100 percent in order to reach our academic goals.

A few ways to reach our academic goals are paying attention in class, studying, and attending every  meeting.

For many students, distractions are all around them, which prevents them from  reaching their academic goals.

The distractions could be during, or outside of the classes. During class, students are easily distracted, either by classmates or by themselves.

Classmates might enter the class late and cause the student to lose their focus, other times students  have conversations with each other, which impedes their ability to pay attention to the instructor.

On the other hand, students are more likely to distract themselves. For instance, instead of giving their undivided attention to the professor, many students hide their phone under the desk to text. Others find themselves spacing out, or thinking about their plans for the weekend.

Learning does not end after class is over because students must continue their studies at home to be able to understand the material better.

However, sometimes home is not the best place to study. Even though home is where many students feel most comfortable, it could also mean they could easily lose focus.

At home, we are surrounded by distractions that could slow us down and impede our studies. For instance, while we are about to study, our favorite show has begun and we think that we could watch it and study at  the same time.

However, after the program has ended we realize that we are still  on the first page and do not remember any of the material we studied while watching the show.

Also, most of the students that multi-task at home believe  that they are successful.

However, multi-tasking is just another obstacle that prevents us from studying. In research by Clifford Nass, a professor at Stanford University  proved that multi-tasking is not the best course of action, because it  could not be completed successfully.

Another reason why students fail their classes is because they fail to attend class. Even arriving a few minutes late could mean a difference in your grade.

Although absences are worse, being late could mean a deduction on your grade as well as missing important material that was explained by the instructor.

On the other hand, there are students who try to do their best to pass the class, but are unable to succeed because they have other things to attend to. They have kids to nurture, work responsibilities, and anything else that impedes studying.

There are other ways they could accomplish their academic goals by making a study schedule that best fits their lives. For example, going to the campus library, which is silent and has various places to study privately, or studying late at night for an hour and then going back to sleep would be perfect for students to handle.

The factors that keep us from getting good grades are preventable, and is our choice if we decide to do them or not. The simple question to making that decision is asking ourselves “Do I want to pass or fail this class?”

After all, the Los Angeles Community College District only allows you to take a course three times, so students must take advantage of every opportunity given to us.

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