Men rally to tie soccer match at home


by  Liliana Marquez

The men’s soccer team failed to win against El Camino College Compton Center after a late goal by Husky midfielder Jose Garcia-Aranda led them to a 2-2 tie yesterday at Weingart Stadium.

Their next test will be this Friday as they host El Camino College at 2 p.m.

The Huskies have not been able to capitalize on their scoring opportunities. From the five games played so far in SCC play, they have only won the opener against Long Beach City College.

“The team lacks a natural scorer. A forward with a killer instinct. We have been dominant most of the games, but we just haven’t been lucky scoring goals,” ELAC Assistant Coach Melvin Rubio said.

The tying goal during the 77-minute mark gave the Huskies the opportunity to build momentum at the closing minutes of the match.

Husky defender Jose Ortiz sent a cross to Garcia-Aranda, who took a long distance crossed shot. Compton’s defense and its goal goalkeeper Manuel Leon were caught by surprise when the shot went through to the top right corner of the goal.

At the 65-minute mark Compton’s midfielder Raul Estrada scored the 1-1 goal from a penalty kick penalty kick after ELAC’s goalkeeper Salvador Falcon committed a foul inside the penalty area while trying to prevent a goal.

“After I scored the 1-1 (goal) we tried to go hard to find the second goal to get the win. We did, but they scored again,” Estrada said.

ELAC opened the score at the 25-minute mark with a play that started as forward Juan Torres Garces received a pass and ran down the wing to send a crossed pass to forward Amaury Ruelas who tapped the ball in for the 1-0.

Compton’s forward Luis Macias made the score 1-2 minutes after their equalizer, but couldn’t keep the advantage and were left with their first tie of the season.

“This was a good game. We were 2-2 and we both had the chance to win the game. We were coming for the win and weren’t expecting this result,” Macias said.

“I am very disappointed with today’s result. It was a game where we should have been up 3-0 in the first half. We made this game difficult for ourselves and ended up with a poor result,” Rubio said.

Compton’s Head Coach Jose Garcia took a look at the results prior to the game and noticed that ELAC had a negative record just like them. So based on that he had an idea of how the game was going to be.

“I figured it was going to be an even game with a team winning by one goal. We went up, we got really tired toward the end. We suffered some injures earlier in the season and we didn’t have the quality of the bench to give people breathers.

“Those last 15 minutes after we scored the second goal, they jumped on us and they deserved the tie. They were aggressive and they pushed the line forward. They risked getting a third goal scored on and I think the result is fair,” Garcia said.

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