Batman vs. Superman films during halftime at ELAC football game

C/N Freddy Monares
C/N Freddy Monares

By Brian Villalba and Jesus Figueroa

A scene from the untitled Batman vs Superman movie was filmed at Wiengart Stadium on Saturday during the halftime of the East Los Angeles College’s football game versus Victor Valley College.

Both Batman and Superman fans alike came out to support Warner Bros. Entertainment and Zack Snyder, who was on location for the filming.

Snyder roamed the field before the game and got the crowd fired up as they chanted his name every time he would pass along the high-energy crowd.

The crowd in attendance for the ELAC game was given limited edition

Gotham City University apparel. Some received t-shirts, sweaters or hoodies in either black or yellow instead of the shirts.

Enthusiastic participants showed up as early as 1 p.m. to be in line for the limited edition t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Among the crowd, Joshua Flores wore a Superman shirt under his Gotham City University shirt and was not shy to pull his yellow GCU shirt up to show off the Superman emblem.

One line spanned the width of the stadium parking lot.

One of the first people in the stadium Raymond Walker heard about the filming on and made sure to get to ELAC extra early in order to make sure he got his GCU shirt and front row seats to the game.

Batman fanatic Katharine Divney sported G U on her cheeks and cheered on GCU screaming out “Go GCU” over and over.

Production Assistant Erick Stroy said they were expecting a large crowd due to the large amount of attention the news of filming had received, having heard that ELAC Campus News had been sourced on NBC news as providers of the information.

The crowd in attendance will be used as the home crowd cheering on GCU.

Along with the crowd, ELAC students volunteered to help out with production as PAs, distributing GCU apparel and selling tickets.

Information on the project is confidential so no further information about the shoot can be disclosed.

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