Men’s soccer ramps up play in two ties

BREAK AWAY— Husky Forward Billy Campos pushes the ball up the field to set up a counterattack during ELAC’s Soccer game against El Camino College last week at Weingart Stadium. CN/LINDSEY MAEDA

by Liliana Marquez

Men’s soccer team veteran Dean Ramos had the perfect timing to score his first goal as a Husky to push his team to a 2-2 home draw against El Camino College last week.

The Huskies scored a 1-1 draw yesterday against Los Angeles Harbor College. Jose Garcia-Aranda scored ELAC’s goal with an assist by teammate Juan Gallegos. Jose Gonzalez scored for Harbor with an assist by Luis Ramirez.

Their next match will be Friday at 4 p.m. as they visit Long Beach City College to kick off the second half of South Coast Conference play.

Ramos, who is also co-captain of the team, had more than three goal attempts and scored the 2-2 from a header as a result of a corner kick during the 33-minute mark in last week’s match.

“I was just trying to put myself in a position to score a goal to help my team. I guess I eventually was in the right spot. Paco (Gallegos) headed it and it just happened to go to my head. I headed it back and it went it, so it was good timing,” Ramos said.

“I could not have made the goal without my teammates. It was a good play. It felt good to help my team. I like to play every game at 100 percent. I think this is one of the best games I’ve played (so far). I felt comfortable in the center midfield and I feel like I helped my team,” Ramos said.

ELAC Head Coach Eddie Flores said that due to previous results, he decided to change the lineup for this game. “I think we played with a purpose. I talked to the players before the game and said, ‘I’m going to put my faith in you’ and that helped,” Flores said.

One of the most noticeable changes was goalkeeper Pablo Sanchez-Rodriguez, who Flores decided to give a chance as a starter. This left goalkeeper Salvador Falcon, who is usually a starter, benched for the whole game.

“I played a decent game and I am happy with the performance. I am also happy because he (Flores) gave me a chance to help out the team,” Sanchez-Rodriguez said.

ELAC’s Garcia-Aranda opened the score for the Huskies at the 11-minute mark.

As ELAC was starting to control the game, El Camino’s Garett Bucheli scored the equalizer with a long distance shot during the 19th minute.

“I think we could have done a little better. We need to work on our defense. We could have won the game, but we have to pick up the intensity,” Bucheli said.

At the 22-minute mark, El Camino turned the score to its favor when Branddon Cando scored the 2-1 also from a long distance shot.

“I thought it was a good game overall. We tried our best out there. It could have gone better, but things happen. The team is still lacking of communication. We have to get together and talk to each other,” Cando said.

About 10 minutes before the final whistle, ELAC’s Pedro Velasquez received his second yellow card of the game, resulting in a red card, leaving the Huskies a man down for the rest of the game.

“The whole image of a win crossed my mind. I knew I couldn’t have done more for the team. I was also mad because at the end, he (the referee) didn’t give any card to the other player and one of our forwards got hurt,” Velasquez said.

Flores said that he commended Velasquez because he made a statement and stood up for his teammate.

“Pedro (Velasquez) got a red card because he was defending one of our players and I guess the referee didn’t like it. For the last 10 minutes we were just trying to keep our composure and keep the score tied or win the game,” Ramos said.

Despite being a man down, the Huskies didn’t allow El Camino to take advantage of that to score the winning goal. “Of course we weren’t going to let our hard work go to waste and let them score over the last 10 minutes. We stayed composed, talked and stayed together,” Ramos said.

El Camino’s Head Coach John Britton said that the referee didn’t keep good control of the game and ended up losing control of it.

“It wasn’t a dirty game, it was just intense and both teams wanted to win over the last 10 minutes. I give credit to ELAC, they were a man down and managed to hang on. We didn’t take advantage of being a man up,” Britton said.

“We both have weaknesses in defense, which we took advantage of. I think we had the more offensive play. We had more shots than ELAC and we didn’t score. I am disappointed because we didn’t win, but I think a tie is a fair result,” Britton said.

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