Students should make most of Math lab, Writing, Learning Center

By: William Hernandez

The first half of the semester is almost over.

October is a vital part of the fall semester when the workload typically begins to pile up; midterm after midterm, research papers, group projects, etc. And while the work pace speeds up, students cannot afford to fall behind on        their deadlines.

It’s natural for a student to become stressed out and anxious as the weeks progress and the tasks of doing homework and studying simultaneously become more challenging.

However, there are strategies you can use to work around  stress and anxiety, that could  be extremely beneficial and encouraging for a student. It mainly involves seeking the help of a friend, classmate, or even a stranger.

Taking on a huge plate of assignments, such as finishing an eight-page research paper and studying for an anatomy test, is hard enough, and doing it all by yourself is unwise.

Fortunately, here at East Los Angeles College there are  free resources on campus available to students, that await our questions and concerns.

Using the resources on campus such as the Math lab, Writing and Learning Center are convenient solutions for students who need the extra attention and support to get through difficult courses like Math 125 or English 103.

Located next door to each other, at the K5 building, the Math Lab and Writing Center provide tutoring, computer access, and work space to Elans and other college students within the Los Angeles Community College District.

Whether it’s needing someone to proofread and edit your essay or helping to develop a strong thesis, tutors at the writing center are continuing to help out students of all English levels.

If math isn’t your strongest subject, the math lab should become a future destination. It’s a student hotspot because the room is filled with math-savvy tutors and textbooks, calculators, and computers are available for students to use while in the room.
On the second floor of the E7 Technology Building is the student Learning Center where one-on-one tutoring sessions are available for nearly every subject.

Although walk-ins are only permitted on certain days, students can schedule an appointment for the upcoming week every Friday by either showing up to room E7-210 or by phone.

Taking advantage of these convenient resources is a can’t lose type of deal, for a students understanding and performance is bound to either improve or stay the same.

After going out and conducting a survey asking students the question of whether or not their performance and understanding improved after attending one of the three centers, 25 out of 30 randomly selected students sampled stated their performance did indeed improve.

This accounts for 83 percent of the small sample size with the other 16 percent claiming their performance stayed the same.

The only problem to the these student services is capacity, where appointments at the writing and learning center are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve-basis.

However, it seems as if more and more students are becoming aware of how much of a benefit attending free student centers can be.

According to the Dean of Institutional Effectiveness Dr. Ryan Cornner, during Fall 2012, over 6,000 students (15%) out of a student body exceeding over 40,000 turned to the one of three centers for assistance and received over 48,000 hours of help.

Even if you do walk out feeling the same about your understanding as when walking in, a different take and strategy is introduced.

Therefore the student’s approach is slightly amplified  in a positive way.

As long as you have an ELAC student ID, access to these serviceable centers is granted.

Making the trip over to one of these helpful resources has a ton of potential upside, and is well worth the time and effort put in.

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