‘Ghost Team One’ delivers laughs, frights

By Jesus Figueroa

The horror-comedy “Ghost Team One” manages to put  a realistic feel to a supernatural scenario and makes it enjoyable.

The storyline is hilarious and the dialogue seems to fit in just right making this found footage film seem almost real.

Directors Ben Peyser and Scott Rutherford said that the feel of the film came from their real life fear. Each time they believed something to be scary they would make sure the characters in the film would react in a way they would as well.

Sergio, played by Carlos Santos, and Brad, played by J.R. Villarreal, live a party lifestyle along with their roommate Chuck, played by Tony Cavalero.

After partying and drinking, Sergio has a paranormal experience, which gives the two friends an idea to make a film documenting the process.

The morning after, they discover Fernanda, played by Fernanda Romero, still at their house after the party.

Fernanda joins the two friends, who both are attracted to her, on their documentation of the paranormal activity.

Fernanda causes conflict between Sergio and Brad, which leads to uncomfortable situations between the three of them.

Soon, the three begin to notice Chuck is acting different.

Romero brings a seductive, charming and fierce personality to her character. She seems to capture realism to her portrayal of Fernanda.

“The script seemed very real to me, when I read it. I had not done something like this. They let me improvise too,” Romero said, “My character changed on set, she was constantly changing, that I did not expect to happen. But, it was for the best.”

As the timid serious character Sergio, Santos does a good job of capturing the audience’s sympathy as the underdog of the film.

“We were allowed to play, especially in found footage type movies you’re not supposed to, I don’t think it has to have that line-for-line kind of feel otherwise you lose that intimacy of the character,” Santos said.

To balance out the film Villarreal is incredible as the overconfident loud mouth which helps to bring laughs to the story.

“With these two (Santos and Villarreal) every time it was improv. I was like ;damn I did not read that, OK let’s go for it,” Romero said.

The film has an unconventional end with much comedy. It pushes the limits and has an R rating.

Rutherford said there was so much improv in the film and it worked because of the great cast they were lucky to have worked with. Along with the great cast strange things happened in the house where they filmed which brought more fear to the set.

The story is well developed and leaves just enough mystery to give it an eerie feel. The acting was well executed and made for a silly horror-comedy film. The film is out now on limited theater release and on video on demand.

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