Katy Perry’s ‘Prism’ emits a one-dimensional synth-pop sound


By Ruben Perez

Katy Perry has ditched the bubblegum pop sound and has transcended into a darker, grown-up sound on her third album ‘Prism’.

Perry’s 2010 breakout album ‘Teenage Dream’ spawned massive hit singles such as “California Gurls,” “Teenage Dream,” “Firework” and “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).” Perry delivers a more subdued, spiritual and grown-up sound on ‘Prism,’ but it doesn’t seem to fit the image that she’s portrayed the past couple of years.

The 13-track album features an array of dance songs. The album starts off with “Roar,” the empowering feel-good anthem that will have listeners feeling like a champion.

“Legendary Lovers” has Perry name checking Cleopatra and Shakespeare’s Juliet and describing the eternal passion she and her man could experience on this mystical love song.

“Birthday” is a funk/pop dance anthem that’ll make fans want to celebrate during a birthday. “Walking On Air” is a thumping EDM track that is sure to have you dancing.

The dance tracks are great for the most part, but then Perry gets to the ballads and it feels as if it’s a never-ending love story. “Unconditionally” finds Perry singing about loving someone unconditionally.

“Love Me” is a dance ballad about loving yourself the way that you’d like for someone to love you, Perry sings “I lost my own, my own identity/Forgot that you picked me for me.”

The track titled “Double Rainbow” is yet another love track, it’s about not being able to find true love and when it’s found, it’s hard to find for a second time.

“By The Grace of God” is by far the album’s best ballad. The piano driven ballad holds nothing back.

Perry sings about her failed marriage, its resulting depression and picking herself back up. Get ready to shed a couple of tears.

The deluxe edition of Prism features three extra songs. “Spiritual” an ode to Perry’s new found love John Mayer is a hypnotizing cheesy love song that’ll give listeners a warm loving feeling.

“It Takes Two” another love track and although it’s nicely written it just doesn’t seem to fit Perry’s vocals. She tries her best with many pitch changes, but it’s just not good enough.

The final track “Choose Your Battles” is a haunting pop track featuring a tribal drum beat, it features Perry pounding her chest and spewing venom at the man she cannot understand.

Perry may have worked with big name producers (Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Cirkut, etc.), but it wasn’t enough to make ‘Prism’ a three-dimensional album.

There is a couple of pop anthems, but those may not be enough to help elevate Perry with the same pop stardom that she had with ‘Teenage Dream.’ Which is her best album to date.

‘Prism’ will have listeners roaring at first, but as the album progresses, they will be sick and tired of love songs until February comes along.

‘Prism’ may work for some fans, but for this reviewer it doesn’t. Where’s the fun, blue hair, candy cane-dancing Perry that we came to love?

‘Prism’ is now available via iTunes and local record stores.

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