Letter to the editor

First of all, I wanted to give compliments on the amazing job done with the newspaper and the broad spectrum of stories covered.

It was impressive to see The Garage covered in Volume 71, Issue 5 of the newspaper.

The story that particularly caught my attention was the story by Diego Olivares, “Students should consider their enrollment, think before dropping.”

There were many good points brought to my attention in the article and the one that stood out to me was the fact that financial aid status can be affected by having W’s on a transcript.

It was brought to my attention so much that I had to talk to my financial aid advisor because I was considering dropping a class for the first time.

Luckily, my financial aid status would not be affected unless my dropped unit total would reach 33 percent of my overall units; hopefully other students are aware of their own financial aid situations.


The point that I did want to bring up was that the W’s recorded on a transcript will be looked at by the colleges a student is hoping to transfer to in the future.

I did not see this mentioned in the article and I felt students should be conscious of this. Students who are worried of keeping a high GPA should think about how many W’s they have on their transcript because that could have a negative impact on their chances of transferring to a potential dream school.

In the spirit of this article, I would like to conclude by saying that students should seriously think about the classes they enroll in and plan accordingly – as to avoid dropping a class.


Joe Cordova

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