‘Frozen’ melts hearts with classic Disney joy

By Jesus Figueroa

A heart-warming sure-to-be instant classic “Frozen” tells the Disney story based on the tale of “The Snow Queen.”

The film tells a humorous touching story that is well presented and appeals to a large audience.

Elsa, voiced by Idina Menzel, realizes from an early childhood that she possesses powers, which she believes cannot be controlled.

After an accident with her powers, which injures her sister Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell, their parents help Elsa make the decision to hide her powers from everyone, including her sister.

The spectacular music, composed by Christopher Beck, compliments the beautiful visuals and incredible story from beginning to end.

The soundtrack drives the story with a mixture of choir chants and riveting performances by the cast.

Elsa separates herself from the rest of the world, hiding away in her room, leaving Anna without her best friend and without an explanation of why they cannot see each other.

Tragic events leave the two sisters alone and waiting for Elsa to come of  age and take her rightful place as queen. She doubts herself and the control she has over her powers.

Bell quickly takes over the lead as Anna with captivating songs and a naive tone, which makes her likable and engaging.

The strong vocal talents of Menzel make her villainous character charming.

Her songs are powerful and the emotion in her voice gives her character a genuine misunderstood feel.

The villain the Duke of Weselton, voiced by Alan Tudyk, immediately becomes an annoying character, which lets his bad intentions known.

The charming Prince Hans, voiced by Santino Fontana, captures the attention of Anna and quickly sweeps her off her feet.

Tudyk adds an annoying voice to the sleazy looking Duke who seems to be scheming from the moment he is seen.

The charming voice of Fontana gives Hans the extra push to be a believable Prince Charming type.

The unlikely hero Kristoff, voiced by Jonathan Groff, alongside the  brought-to-life snowman Olaf, voiced by Josh Gad, are surprising additions.

Their addition brings a comedy that is one of the best aspects of the film.

The struggle between Elsa and Anna is only the beginning of the problems that Elsa faces throughout the film. Elsa needs to come to terms with who she really is and find a way to accept it.

The goofiness of the film keeps the audience watching the film as the story develops quickly.

The beginning and end both seem rushed and quickly come to a resolution.

It is a well-made Disney Animation Studios film which takes elements from prior films like “Lion King” and adds it to incredible scenery to give life to a classic tale.

“Frozen” is a fantastic family film coming to theaters in 2D and 3D on Thanksgiving Day.

“Frozen” is rated PG for some action and mild rude humor.

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