10th Annual Scholar-Athlete comedy show; delights

By Daniel De la Torre

ELAC Athletics Department presented the 10th Annual Scholar-Athlete comedy show this past Sunday, hosted by comedian Rudy Moreno.

As the guests arrived for the show, a live jazz band serenaded the crowd. After starting the show 25 minutes late, the audience soon forgot about the delay when the comedians began their performance. Luckily the wait didn’t start any grumbling among the audience.

The host Rudy Moreno set the tone for the night, however the group of comedians had the whole theater in an uproar with laughter. The show surpassed expectations since it was in a school theater. Having been to some comedy shows at the Laugh Factory and Ice House it was pleasantly surprising with the performances given.

This comedy show went from straight stand up to live beat-boxing sound effects with some magic thrown in to dazzle and amaze the audience. The flyers around ELAC really didn’t do the show justice. The show wasn’t squeaky clean, but it wasn’t raunchy either. It was very funny and something that you could see with family.

A low point in the night would have been that each comedian only had a short amount of time to perform. There wasn’t an exact running time for the entire show so it did feel as if the comedians were cut short by their allotted time on stage. This may have been a plus for the audience because the comedians had to perform their quality material.

The show ran for about two and half hours and it was non-stop laughter. It was just as good as any other comedy club. The material was even more amusing because they incorporated East Los Angeles and all the stereotypes that come with it.

The night’s performance had a wide range of entertainment featuring an up and coming star Dillon Garcia, a very entertaining Jay Lamont, The Great Omar with his art of illusion and Veteran comedian DJ Cooch.

Jay Lamont wowed the audience with his spectacular vocals and his impersonation skills. From Barry White to Michael Jackson, Lamont’s range for his sound affects were vast and wide making it an ultimate experience for the audience. It was the type of act that everyone has to see for themselves.

In addition to the great performances, the guests entering the Edison Theater at ELAC were presented with the option to purchase raffle tickets in hope of winning the $1,000 grand prize among others.

The comedians put on a spectacular show and made the $25 entrance fee well worth it. It was a rare occasion that someone could say they had a fun time at school and actually mean it. Next years comedy show is a definite must-see.

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