Elizabeth’s Bakery Provides Sweets and More

By Marisol Perez

“Elizabeth’s Bakery” is a popular local bakery located in the City of South Gate.

The sweet and appetizing fragrance of bread baking at “Elizabeth’s Bakery” draws customers every morning.

The scent fills the air and once in the bakery its hard not to want to try everything they have to offer.

They specialize in cakes for all occasions such as, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and even bachelor’s parties. They cater to any event and party.

The bakery is famous for their bolillos (French bread), they are baked fresh daily. You can usually buy them fresh out the oven still warm and soft. The bolillos have light sweet taste to them. The texture is soft and fluffy. Customers will find long lines early in the morning and late in evening. People line up to purchase freshly baked bolillos. The bakery has a quick and speedy staff so you will not be waiting in line too long

The bakery also has a large variety of Mexican sweet breads, cookies, candies and even donuts. The bread is always fresh and soft. The Mexican wedding cookie is a delicious nutty cookie rolled in powdered sugar. The textures of the cookies are flaky and crumbly. It melts in your mouth almost immediately. It is really good.

A favorite item customers purchase is the Chocoflan. The chocoflan is not overly sweet. The caramel flan is light, rich and creamy. The chocolate part of this cake is super moist. It is very delicious.

They also make tamales with different fillings such as pork with red or green chili sauce, chicken, cheese with jalapeno slices and sweet tamales. The pork tamale was well cooked and seasoned. The dough was just right. The chili sauce was not too spicy. It smell and taste reminded me of tamales at Christmas time. It was really good.

“Elizabeth’s Bakery” is located at 2828 Firestone Blvd in South Gate. They are open on Monday to Sunday from 6 am to 9:30 pm.

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