Mariscos el Viejon reels in patrons with tasty food, live music

By Bernardo Mondragon

Mariscos el Viejon is the place to go when craving a delicious seafood meal. It is a great place to go for any type of occasion. Since its opening in February of 2010, it has been a great place for families to eat.

Outside, they have a big sign with their logo and pictures of their most popular plates. They also have outside tables where customers can enjoy their meal in the fresh air.

Inside they have hand painted murals with colors that grab the customers attention and make them feel like they are at the beach. The walls are painted blue with cartoon-styled fish all around. After walking inside the restaurant, a polite waitress greets customers and takes them to their table.

Mariscos el Viejon gives off an inviting vibe. Every Friday through Sunday they have musical groups that play music customers request.

Their most popular plate is “Tacos El Viejon.” When receiving the plate, the tacos don’t look very appetizing but after taking one bite it will change patrons mind.

The plate comes with two tacos that contain carne asada, cheese and shrimp. The tacos contain the perfect amount of cheese, so every bite gives a stringy cheese effect.

The tacos can also be accompanied with a sauce that is a mixture of mayonnaise and hot sauce. It gives the tacos a sweet kick that makes them even more delicious.

They also have a plate for meat and seafood lovers. This plate is called “camarones costa azul.” It is very appetizing. The plate comes with six shrimp wrapped in bacon or ham with a side of fries and white rice. Once the plate is placed on the table, the aroma of bacon fills the air.

When taking a bite of the shrimp wrapped in bacon, all customers taste is the bacon. The fries are thick and taste like homemade potato wedges. The white rice looks and tastes amazing. It has little bits of boiled carrots, peas, and corn, which add to its flavor.

Overall, the restaurant has 49 different delicious plates to satisfy any cravings. It is located at 11120 Atlantic Ave. Lynwood, CA 90262 and it is open every day from 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. For any other information, Mariscos el Viejon can be contacted at (310) 885 – 5584.

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