Outstanding performance earns applause

By Douglas Gonzalez

“In the Heights” is a play that takes place in Brooklyn, New York and is about poverty and love. The play promotes Puerto Rican and Dominican culture and language.

“In the Heights” is a dramatic play that was performed at Casa 0101.

Casa 0101 was built by Jean Deleage’s children in honor of all his artistic work, which included theatre and paintings.

The play is about a tale of the Rosario family.

The father figure in the story is Kevin Rosario, played by Luis Marquez, and Camila Rosario, played by Marticia Cardenas, is the mother. They have two daughters Nina, played by Veronica Rosa, and Vanessa, played by Valeria Maldanado.

Kevin was a farmer in Puerto Rico, and decides one day to quit his farming work and travel to New York. He eventually builds his own business as a limousine caterer.

Camila is a maid in New York, and married Kevin.

Benny, played by James Oronzo,  is a faithful worker of Kevin, is introduced in the play and eventually falls in love and starts a relationship with Nina.

Vanessa is sexy and popular in the barrio; every man wants her. She works as a cosmetologist.

Nina, on the other hand, enjoys her schoolwork and has receives a scholarship to Stanford University in California.

Nina is in trouble because her grades were not sufficient enough to fulfill her scholarship requirement and she drops out of college.

Eventually, she breaks the bad news to her parents.

Not only were her grades bad, but she also could not afford to pay for the tuition.

She was too shy to ask her father for money because his business is in debt.

Kevin Rosario showed his personality so well. He was the man of the play and his acting was very precise and did what he was supposed to do.

As for Camila Rosario was not afraid to show her hysteria when her husband decides to sell his limousine company to allow Nina to enroll back into Stanford University.

The play was extremely vibrant, and full of singing and dancing to Salsa music.

It had energy, and was sexy in an insidious way.

The play included singing solos from all the major characters, and each character sang about his or her life.

The lighting was incredible. The lights added to the emotion and brought the play to life.

Without the light designs, the play would not make sense.

The costumes matched each character well. The women were wearing bright colors and dresses, while the men wore jeans and T-shirts.

The rapping involved adds a unique quality to the play. They rapped about living in the barrio, money, woman and school.

The rap expressed political viewpoints of living in poverty, and how education plays a key role in escaping the barrio.

The best performer in the play would have to be Maldonado. She was lively in her singing and in her solos.

Maldanado also received the loudest applause at the end of the play.

Her costume design was the most attractive, and very classy.

Overall, the play was marvelous.

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