Vince Vaughn Delights in “Delivery Man”

By Daniela Zea

Delivery Man is a heartwarming family-oriented movie about David Wosniak played by Vince Vaughn.

David Wosniak, a meat truck driver, donates sperm 639 times and out of those donations he bears 533 children.

Vaughn plays a charming character that makes all viewers fall in love with him by portraying the typical American heartthrob that undergoes challenges like everyone else through.

In serious debt, Wosniak goes under a self-discovery to find his identity as an adult. Also, to figure out how he can play a great father figure to those children who are wondering of their biological father’s identity.

Vaughn brings Wosniak’s character delight to a character that is a failure in life, but in time brings his failures to do what is right. Delivery Man includes a comedic look to struggles everyone must deal with as adults; the doubts of bearing children, being a failure, having jobs and doing what is right.

Although the movie could have been funnier it did include a fair share of laughs. This is a more coming to age story that will make any viewers heart warm by stating a scenario that no viewer would ever think would be true in real life.With an impossible scenario, Wosniak being so charming and being everywhere at once made the story line and character a little hard to believe in its comparison to real life.

“Delivery Man” also features appearances by Cobie Smulders, as Emma, the pregnant girlfriend who has doubts of Wosniak’s ability to be a father to her future son. She plays a rather believable mean girlfriend, who is rightfully selfish to ensure that her son has a responsible father. Wosniak has to prove to her his ability to be responsible.

“Delivery Man” states that no one is ever ready for what life brings. The movie is a great example of a situation that no one would ever be ready for. Its motto respectively ties in to the movie. “Delivery Man” is rated PG-13 and is now in theatres.

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