Extra credit is not a right


By Luis Vasquez

As the semester comes to an end, East Los Angeles College students are often overwhelmed by finals, in a desperate attempt to enhance their grade students are often faced with the dilemma of looking for help from professors, should professors hand out aid for those who seek it?

Or are their hands tied for they have done enough to help their students?

Finals week approaches, this is usually the time during the semester where students attempt to find a way to improve their grade by any   means nessesary.

Students often find themselves visiting a professor during office hours and begin by requesting the status of their grade.

To some this discussion ends with a positive outcome, having earned an A in the class.

It is now evident that their time and effort did not go to waste for they have yielded the best grade they can earn.

For others, the professor informs them they have academically fallen behind and are in danger of either failing the class or barely getting by with a minimal passing grade.

A sense of desperation kicks in, faced with failing and having to repeat the class having been on both sides of the fence.

Some students ask the professor if there is any extra credit available in the class.

Their desperation is evident. However they are limited to what they can do.

The professor cannot aid the student’s attempt to improve their grade.

The student then leaves the meeting furious, often criticizing the  professor for not offering anything to improve their grade.

Students guilty of this act cannot accept the fact that they only have themselves to blame and shouldn’t fault the professor for putting them in this position.

Psychology major Rosa Gonzales said, “It’s a hard thing to admit but it’s the undeniable truth, the grade you receive is the grade you deserve.

Sure, everyone faces obstacles throughout the semester, but you have the entire semester to formulate a plan in which you can ask the professor for help, not wait until the end of the semester.”

At the beginning of the semester, the professor usually hands out a syllabus in which students become aware of the grading rubric as well as whether or not there will be an opportunity for extra credit.

Students should be aware of these opportunities.

Students should not treat extra credit as if it is a right and realize that the professor generously hands out extra credit at an appropriate time in the semester to help students in need.

Professors do not want to see a student fail the course.

However, the professor is limited in what he can do.The semester is long and tedious. Time and effort must be exerted into a course to be awarded a good grade.

It is not the fault of the professors that their students chose to fall behind academically.

Some students misinterpret the word extra credit. They feel they are entitled to it and feel they can ask for it whenever they best see fit.

However they are wrong.

If a professor chooses to grant the class with extra credit, they do so in order to see his students flourish in the classroom.

The consequences of procrastination bear bitter, students are awarded the grade they earn.

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