Students should consider other schools in LACCD if classes are full

By Brittney Garza

As Fall semester comes to an end, many students are struggling to get the classes they want for the Winter and Spring 2014 semester there may be an easier way.

Some students may not now that East Los Angeles College is a part of a larger network of nine schools composing the Los Angeles Community College District.  Application and acceptance into any one of the colleges in the district provides students access to all the colleges in the LACCD.

If the class a student needs is full, they can add it and take it at another campus such as the Los Angeles Trade Technical College in downtown LA – that is if the class is there.

The same can be done for online classes for students that may have scheduling or commuting difficulties.  Students can take classes on opposite ends of the district from schools such as Los Angeles Pierce College in Woodland Hills to Los Angeles Harbor College in Wilmington.

For students with changing schedules, Los Angeles Mission College Offers a program called Instructional Television that is essentially its own small college with a set of class offering. The classes through ITV are eight weeks long and taught on the weekends.

The same professor will repeat the same lecture over the course of the weekend 4 times, once at Los Angeles Valley College, once at Los Angeles Pierce College, once at Los Angeles City College and once at Los Angeles Southwest College.  Students taking these course are able to attend class at the location or time that works best for them.

To register for these classes at other campus’s all a student has to do is select the campus from the drop down on the student information system, including ITV.

All campuses post their course offerings on their school website which should turn up in an online search.

Another way to compare all the campuses simultaneously is through the district website.  There you can see all the courses offered district wide for a particular semester making it easy to compare wha courses work best for each student.

Most entry level courses and basic subjects such as Math, English, History, and most sciences have equal course numbers and meet the same requirements for transfer.

However, it is important to check these courses, especially the more degree specific courses on and with school counselors, and school catalogs to ensure they are fulfilling the desired requirement.

With eight other campus in the district being just a click away, it may be beneficial for students to begin to check and see if these campuses have something to offer.  The health fee on-campus covers the health fee for all the campuses for one semester, and a parking pass is valid at all the LACCD campuses providing more incentive to check out other campuses.

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