Teachers must give finals at appropiate time


By Alejandra Carillo

The semester is finally coming to an end.

Although the jolly feeling of the holidays is building up, students at East Los Angeles College are stressing over finals week.

Finals week is meant to be on the last week of school to give students sufficient time to study all the material from the beginning of the semester, but some teachers start giving finals a week or two before the semester is over.

Sure, teachers want to spend the holidays with their families or go out of state as well, but should it be at the expense of the student’s grade?

Think about it, students are expecting the finals to be on the last week of school and suddenly, the teacher surprises them with the final before it is expected.

The student might have not finished studying all chapters of the book or all math problems that were covered meaning their grade probably won’t be great.

Students need a proper amount of time to review everything covered throughout the semester. A hurried attempt will result negatively.

If a single student is planning to go out of state to spend time with their family, the teacher wouldn’t give the test a week early to please the student, so why should the teachers be allowed to do that for their own pleasure?

Some of my friends’ teachers gave their final this week with only a few days notice and some thought it was not fair, but said that other students in class were okay with it.

If a teacher is planning on giving the final before it should be given they should at least warn the students in the beginning of the semester if not weeks before finals week.

Students should let the teachers know whether they are prepared or not if the final is given before it is meant to be given.

There is no reason why a student should sacrifice their hard work all semester long just to have it be torn down by the final given before they were prepared.

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