Crosses cast spell with debut album

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By Megan G. Razzetti

Crosses released their haunting electronic rock self-titled debut album consisting of tracks from their previous two EPs.

This is one of a few side projects of Deftones singer, Chino Moreno. Along with him are two of Moreno’s childhood friends: Far guitarist Shaun Lopez and Chuck Doom. The trio together have created a dark dream within this album. The combination of Moreno’s signature vocals resonates perfectly with the minimalist feel of the electronic sound Lopez and Doom have created.

Throughout the album, each track is a breath of fresh air in terms of electronic rock music. It is different from Moreno’s and Lopez’s main bands, but it works. The fact that they are musicians, showing a new side of themselves to their  fans  is really something to admire.

The vocals along with the drum machines and other synthetic sounds are not cheaply thrown together. Each song is well executed with meaningful purpose and quality, a fan of electronic music will appreciate it.

The track ‘Bermuda Locket’ is simply phenomenal. A love letter to a mysterious and consuming entity. Channeling the subject of desire with the lyrics: ‘So I wait, anticipate to meet you tonight, Come this way and I will bring your dreams to life.’ The soothing sound of Moreno’s voice carries the listener into an entirely different dimension, all while it plays in sync with the hypnotic background instrumentals.

Another amazing track is ‘Trophy’, a haunting tune of heartache and disappointment. Moreno’s vocals are more simplistic and there is less of electronic influence playing in the background. A defined sound of an acoustic guitar along with other traditional stringed instruments play at a slow and steady pace.

Overall, this album is an amazing collection of dark music. A well thought out album that has managed to captivate with each and every track. It is a mysterious journey that both a fan of electronic and rock will come out at the end hungry for more.

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