Drops cause class cancellations


By Diego Olivares

East Los Angeles College students do not attend classes that they enroll into.

Students enroll into classes at the beginning of every semester, filling up the required class space. In some cases, many of these students don’t attend the first day.

If a class has few students as a result of this, then the class is in danger of being cancelled.

This could cause problems for both instructors and the students who attend the classes.

If a class were to get cancelled, then the instructor is obliviously out of the job. This could be their only job in some cases.

Attending students could end up losing a class that is needed, be it for financial aid or aiding in their educational goals.

Why should these teachers and students lose a class just because non-attending students decide to be lazy and not show up?

Why should they even enroll into the class in the first place? This is a huge waste of students time, it could affect others in a bad way.

This is something that caused a huge issue for me since I’d starting attending ELAC.

Back in Spring 2013, I was enrolled into a class that was supposed to have 15 or more students. Instead, only 8 students attended on the first day.

This was a scare for myself as there was talk about the class being dropped. If the class was dropped, then I would have a part of my financial aid cut.

I was relying on it at the time. Luckily, it was decided that the class would continue for the semester.

Though this wasn’t the last time something like this occurred during my time at ELAC. Classes in danger of being cancelled would occur two more times in the following semesters.

Though why do students even enroll into classes they have no interest to attend? Getting enough units for them to apply for financial aid could be one reason.

The idea of getting “easy” money by enrolling into classes is a simple motive. However, the students only do more harm to themselves by doing this.

The deal with financial aid is to attend and complete classes to earn money. If the classes are not completed, there is a change that the student would have to pay that money back.

Not a smart move on the students part. Other reasons include students changing their minds at the last minute.

They enroll into a class, though something happens which leads to them not attending. They also fail to drop the class online or inform the instructor.

It is the student responsibility to inform the instructor about leaving a class. If they can not inform the instructor, then they should just drop the class before school begins.

Not attending a class while enrolling in one could have a serious effect on the student. Not only the student, but to the instructors and other students as well.

Students should think about what classes they’re going to keep when enrolling. Once they’re enrolled, they should stay and complete it.









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