‘Non-Stop’ fails to disappoint

By Liliana Marquez

From Spanish director and producer Jaume Collet-Serra comes  “Non-Stop,” an exciting action-thriller with a cast led by Irish action hero Liam Neeson who takes the audience on an exciting plane ride full of action, suspense and excitement.

Neeson, 61, proves that at his age he still has what it takes –and more– to give

 to give life to a great action character. His performance is one of the reasons why the movie does not disappoint.

His action scenes at the airplane are surprisingly exciting, despite the lack of space.

The movie, which lasts for an hour and 46 minutes, has the audience in suspense most of the time, but it also leaves room to the occasional laugh.

Even though “Non-Stop” starts a little slow, as the minutes pass by, it starts to build its momentum leading to a series of exciting and unexpected scenes.

The suspense-thriller takes place in an airplane traveling at 40,000 in the air from New York City to London where Neeson’s character, U.S. Air Marshall Bill Marks, is one of the passengers.

After the airplane takes off, he begins to receive a series of text messages from someone demanding the transfer of $150 million into an offshore account. Not doing so might turn out to put not only him, but also the rest of the passengers in danger.

The clock is ticking and as the situation develops, it leads to a possible hijacking of the plane where everyone, including Marks, is a possible suspect.

The movie surprises with twists during its second half, which leaves the audience wondering who is the bad guy and who is the hero, leading to an unexpected ending.

Although Neeson is who keeps the movie interesting as the troubled past of his character is revealed, it is impossible not to talk about his co-star, Golden Globe Award winner Julianne Moore. Moore’s character, Jen Summers, gives the movie a special touch with its story which allows both characters to bond despite the situation, allowing the audience to understand them more.

This is the second time that Neeson has worked under the direction of Collet-Serra, since the action-thriller “Unknown.”

Along Neeson and Moore also appears John “Scoot” McNairy who portrays Tom Bowen and is better known for his role of Joe Stafford in the Academy Award winner film “Argo.”

“Non-Stop” is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence, some language, sensuality and drug references.

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