School Boy Q aims to bring back gangster rap

By Damien Guzman

School Boy Q’s “Oxymoron” delivers with a gangster south central sound, while keeping today’s stylish hip hop tone.

“Oxymoron” is highlighted by songs, “Collard Greens,” “Break the Bank,” and “Man of the Year.”

The track “Collard Greens” is a fast paced beat that features Kendrick Lamar. The beat is catchy and has a different sound to it, forcing flows to be quick and on point. The song has a creative twist with Lamar rapping in Spanish for a few lines and School Boy Q jumping in right after to cap off a good song.

“Break the Bank” has a more dark and demented sound with a heavy beat and screaming voices in the background. The song focuses on a number of drugs that are used in the South Central area. School Boy Q does a great job of painting a picture of the heavy drug use in the Los Angeles area and what really goes on in his neighborhoods. The sound and lyrics of the song make it the best on the album because of its rawness.

The most popular song of the album is “Man of the Year” because of its catchy chorus and success-aimed lyrics. The focus of this song is partying, girls, and becoming successful. The theme of the song makes it a fun and club type of hit but still representing his history. The beat and lyrics make it an uplifting and inspirational song that triggers successful thoughts.

The album aims to bring gangster rap back to the scene demonstrating that in the song titled “Gangsta.” The song starts with his daughter saying a few words, ending with, “My Daddy is a Gangsta” followed by the beat dropping in a heavy based sound. The song is perfect to start off the album because of his message that he is from the gang infested Los Angeles area.

The CD then transitions to a more stylish beat that was produced by Pharrell Williams called “Los Awesome.” Although the sound of the beat is a bit different the lyrics continue to focus on talking about gangster situations and themes.

The song features Jay Rock, who is part of the South Central group “Black Hippy” that includes School Boy Q, Kendrick Lamar and Ab Soul. The lyrics in this song are more violent talking about “drive-byes” and “crip gangs” to paint a picture of some scenarios that go on in their streets.

Aside from the many great songs of the album, there are many great-featured artist that make the album an instant classic. The other featured rappers include Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, Tyler the Creator, Kurupt, Suga Free, ASAP Rocky, and a few other up comers.

School Boy Q’s “Oxymoron” does a great job of competing with Kendrick Lamar’s last Grammy nominated album.

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