Refueling hope with Mustangs

By Jose Cazares

In 1964, Ford made history when they introduced a car that featured a range of customization options straight from the factory.

Ford named the car “Mustang,” and it was designed specifically with the baby boomer generation in mind.

The Mustang was an instant success and Ford’s competitors soon followed suit creating a trend of cars known as muscle cars.


American muscle cars dominated the enthusiast market up until the mid-70s when stricter emission laws were implemented and gas prices were going up.

The Mustang was the only one of this group of cars to survive the test of time with its main domestic competitor, the Camaro, being discontinued by Chevrolet in 2002.

The Mustang, however, lost a lot of credibility as a muscle car. The exceptions are special packages like the SVT Cobra. The Mustang was seen by many car enthusiast as nothing more than a beach cruiser.

The average new car can travel 10 miles more per gallon.

Some might argue that a performance car doesn’t need to be fuel efficient, but it does if you are a college student or recent graduate on a budget.

Aside from that, oil is a scarce resource and its become a widely accepted fact that it will not last forever.

Ford responded by replacing both its power plant’s. They claim their new V6 makes over 300 hp and gets 32 mpg which makes it the first sports car to get over 30 miles per gallon.

A great way for individuals who travel at a distance to get their money’s worth.

Ford announced yet another update for 2015. Ford is replacing their old solid rear axle and introducing a four cylinder ecoboost engine to the lineup.

This is a big deal. Ford attempted this once before 1984 with the Mustang SVO, but the car never caught on.

The American market has changed a great deal since then and I believe Americans are ready a four cylinder Mustang.

Ford announced that the four cylinder will be priced higher than the V6, and will make more hp with the help of a turbo charger.

Alongside the V6 this new ecoboost Mustang will represent Ford against increasingly popular cars like the Hyundai Genesis coupe and Scion FR-S while the V8 continues to battle it out with it’s domestic competition and the European benchmark, the BMW M3.

As a car enthusiast, the list of cars  is short, the list of cars students like me can afford is even shorter.

The Mustang is a good option for anyone who can afford a new car. It’s become fuel efficient and since it’s domestic, it’s inexpensive to maintain.

Gasoline is becoming increasingly expensive as time goes by and I believe this car reflects a trend that will continue until gasoline is completely phased out.

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