South Gate lacks college feel

By Brenda Diaz

Students who attend the East Los Angeles College South Gate campus complain about the lack of a  college feeling.

One reason might be that students are not as involved in extracurricular activities as they are at the main campus.

Some may argue that the campus is just too small. While its size is minor compared to the main campus, that is no excuse to complain.

The only way to have more planned events is for more students to be involved in school activities.

Many students who are beginning their first year at the South Gate campus are not aware of the clubs, teams and programs they can join.

Students who are familiar with the campus are either not interested or are not motivated enough to join.

Although many signs are posted throughout campus, the enthusiasm seems to be non-existent as most students attend class and get out as soon as they can.

“I think it would be great for ASU to have more activities – not just to get the college feeling but learning to help your home, school and community.” South Gate campus clubs who attends all classes at ELAC’s South Gate campus said.

I was also under the impression that Associated Student Union was responsible for creating all events but after contacting the ASU president Eduardo Vargas, I learned that it is not the case.

“The reason why ASU doesn’t host more events is because major programs or departments (i.e. Calworks, job fair committee) do not necessarily host events that ASU Co-Sponsors at South Gate,” Vargas said.

Vargas said that ELAC offers many opportunities for students to volunteer, and any student is more than welcome to participate, or join a club.

“I would like for there to be more clubs, involvement between students like study groups and community service events,” Rodriguez said.

As a simple solution to the lack of South Gate campus activities, students are encouraged to go out and create a club of their own or to join one.

Vargas explained the process of creating a club in the hopes of providing students a better understanding.

“There are several steps a student must take to form a club.  The first is to find an advisor or faculty member. The next step is to pick up a charter application in the student activities office,” Vargas said.

The first steps must be taken by the student, this means that students must take the initiative and be courageous enough to make that move.

Beginning a club and finding people to join might not be such an easy task to do, but it will help provide that college feeling.

“Club members need to submit a constitution, mission statement, and a list of cabinet/board members.

The ASU board will then vote to charter the club. The clubs will then be required to attend an orientation and attend the ICC meetings,” Vargas said.

Students who attend the South Gate campus should be more alert and active about what events are going on and what they can do to improve their own college experience

In return, more activities will follow and students’ college life will be enriched.

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