YG’s goes mainstream with major label debut

Photo courtesy of Def Jam Recordings
Photo courtesy of Def Jam Recordings


By Damien Guzman

YG’s major label debut album “My Krazy Life” combines today’s gangster rap with sounds from the club and party scene.

“My Krazy Life” includes 14 tracks.

YG burst into the club scene for his hit single, “Toot it and Boot it” released in 2010.

After he found fame in the club industry, he’s been focusing on making club hits, while keeping his Compton gangster-style roots close.

DJ Mustard, a popular producer in the music industry,  worked and is featured on “My Krazy Life.”

His style of rapping is not known for being lyrical, but some feature artists on his album add the lyricism needed for a good album mixed with party hits.

Featured artists in “My Krazy Life” include Los Angeles rappers such as: Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock.

Other popular rappers featured in the album are Drake, Young Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan.

“Really Be” featuring Lamar, tops all songs on this album.

The beat is calm and low key, having a southern rap sound.

Slow beats on this track give both rappers a clearer sound vocally.

Lyrically, YG seems to put more effort into his words for this song putting the club sound to the side. Lamar finishes the song with his creative straightforward style.

“Really Be” is also known as “Smokin’ N Drinkin’” and they rap about that throughout the song making it the CD’s stoner anthem.

The famous song “My N***A” represents the objective of this CD, mentioning parties, friends, drugs and living in the dangerous streets of Compton, Calif.

This track makes it a must buy for all party people having a raw gangster sound with a heavy beat, while the lyrics make you bob your head and dance.

The track simply makes you want to get ready and hit the clubs.

Jeezy brings the best verse in this song with his unique raspy voice that flows well with the loud beat.

Another party starter is “Who do you Love” featuring Drake. Both YG and Drake deliver smooth flows in the track.

The chorus in this song is explicit, catchy and fits perfectly for clubs.

The song “I Just Wanna Party” introduces the gangster rap songs on the album. It features Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock.

A piano melody in the background, along with heavy drum claps and bass make it the ultimate thug song of the album.

The chorus to the song is meant to add a party theme to it to balance out the heavily violent lyrics.

YG’s new album is an essential buy for those into the party scene. Most songs on this album will get people ready for a night of fun with friends.

Overall all the lyrical rappers that are featured save the album, since YG himself is not as talented with song writing.

Party people will love the album, but those who look for a more underground rap style will have a problem listening to the whole playlist.

“My Krazy Life” is 46 minutes long. It was released last Tuesday and is available on iTunes.

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