High School Senior Day displays the college experience

By Marcus Camacho

High school seniors and middle school students will be coming to East Los Angeles College for “High School Senior Day” this May 9 at the Performing Arts Complex.

The event is for high school seniors who will be exposed to a college environment to see what it is like to be a college student.

The message this event is trying to send is that college is possible for everyone.

“It is always exciting to see the faces of hope that visit us,” said Student Services Aide – Offsite Education and Outreach Coordinator Lynn Wood.

High school students are invited to campus for activities that will introduce them to academic life.

The students will also learn of the social culture of the college experience.

This event will help students get acquainted with the campus, the services that best support students, student life, the counselors and view the different departments that ELAC has to offer.

Students will learn about new requirements for priority registration, the transition of being a high school student to college student, what classes

students needs to transfer and the different AA degree pathways that ELAC offers.

The student will be shown how to apply for specialized programs such as Honors, Adelante, Summer Programs, AA/BA programs and many more programs.

There will also be workshops, demonstrations, resource tables and STEM alley, which focuses on the departments part of the STEM program.

Student clubs will be tabling and the ASU President Eduardo Vargas is scheduled to speak to give the visiting students a perspective on college life.

High school students that plan on attending this event must be accompanied by a high school counselor or by a chaperone.

The event draws about 1000 students to visit the campus.

The middle schools that are involved are Griffith, Belvedere and Stevenson.

High schools attending the event are in the areas such as of Huntington Park, South Gate, Bell, Montebello, Bell Gardens and San Gabriel.

Students can RSVP by emailing a sign-up sheet by April 28. ELAC students can email  Wood at woodcl@ elac.edu for more information about the events.

“High School Senior Day” will be held May 9 starting at 8 a.m.

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