‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ tangled in a web of plot

electric feel— The battle between Spiderman, (Andrew Garfield), and Electro, (Jamie Foxx) add the excitement to ‘The Amazing Siderman 2,” released on May 2.Photo courtesy of Sony Studios
ELECTRIC FEEL— The battle between Spiderman, (Andrew Garfield), and Electro, (Jamie Foxx) add the excitement to ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2,” released on May 2.PHOTO COURTESY OF SONY STUDIOS

By Sergio Berrueta

Marvel’s famous web slinger is back on the big screen for his greatest battle in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,”  but the true battle may be trying to figure out what story to follow.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2”continue on from the 2012 film reboot with the witty Peter Parker, played by Andrew Garfield, still protecting New York from danger as Spider-Man and trying to keep his girlfriend Gwen Stacy, (Emma Stone) safe from the harm of the life he leads.

Peter discovers a briefcase from his father Richard Parker, (Campbell Scott) and goes to unravel the mystery of his parents while dealing with the electric mayhem of Electro aka Max Dillon, (Jamie Foxx).

Peter also gets caught between the return of his childhood friend and Oscorp heir Harry Osborn, (Dane DeHaan), trying to keep his relationship with Gwen and home life with Aunt May, (Sally Field) stable.

“Amazing Spider-Man 2” fails to live up to the promise seen by its predecessor. It overshadows the rest of the film aspects that are well done.

The story itself has many plot threads that seem to forget that other threads exist.

The plot of Peter’s struggle to figure out who his parents are and his reasons to keep Gwen at bay get lost beneath the long stretches spent on Oscorp’s troubles and setting up villains or characters for future films.

One plot thread shown in the trailers involving the famous Spider-Man villain Rhino aka Alekski Sytsevich, (Paul Giamatti), is ignored throughout the entire film, but brought up once the plot finally remembers exactly what his purpose to the story was again.

Such a gross oversight as that hurts the film rather than give the audience something to look forward to in a sequel.

The Raimi trilogy of Spider-Man films suffered the same fate in the final entry with ‘Spider-Man 3’. It has too many plot threads to focus on, and one too many villain while losing some charm in the process.

With such a big failing at managing to tell a cohesive story, the film attempts to make up for it by providing extraordinary action scenes and great performances throughout.

As Electro brings on the electrical charges, electronica-inspired beats follow with each step.Electro’s voice in his head fuels his beautiful symphony of destruction and acceptance of power.

Spider-Man also struggles to save the civilians from the falling billboards high above. This brings back the unique thrills of the previous film and gets the audience to root for Spider-Man to succeed.

The acting is top notch despite one character’s introduction. Garfield and Stone’s chemistry as Peter and Gwen are still as wonderful and kinetic as it was in the first film, with the charm of two young lovers living in the city while high on life.

Garfield still nails the role of Spider-Man perfectly by providing the witty humor managing his secret identity and intelligence while experimenting that makes Peter relatable.

Stone’s performance followed in the same steps of intelligence and heart as Garfield by keeping up with Peter’s life with a great sense of admiration, even if he feels she is in danger.

When Dillon transform into Electro, Foxx brings out the true essence of his acting. Foxx captures the emotional struggle of Dillon’s acceptance of his new power and his unrecognition of his work.

The tension between Electro and Spider-Man makes the battles between the two all the greater as New York’s view of Spider-Man’s heroics helps to balance the vengeful yet sympathetic personality of Electro.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” starts off the summer with adequacy showing great romantic chemistry along with a powerful villainous performance and dazzling action. The overbearing jumbled and confused plot harms the overall fun experience.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” opened on May 2nd. The film’s running time is 142 minutes and is rated PG-13 for sequence of sci-fi action and violence.

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