ELAC Jazz Night rocks audience

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JAZZ AT ITS FINEST- Tom Litteral takes the stage for his performace of “Over The Rainbow” during the concert on Friday. CN/ASHLEY LEON

By Hugo Narvaez

Without a warning, like a rainstorm breaking through a spring day, the sound of music filled the S2 Recital Hall at the “First Friday Jazz Concert” on May 9.

Audiences were driven to spontaneous applause by the melodies that were played by ELAC’s Jazz Band.

Director Bob Dawson, delighted audiences with his charm and witty sense of humor as he directed the nights performances.

The performances contained various styles and a little bit of everything for the audience. A variety of music fuzed with a jazz tempo, made sure feet were tapping and heads were bobbing throughout the night.

The classical “Battle Hymn of the Republic” received a make-over by Bobby Chavez on trumpet and Mike Julian on trombone.

The magic of these two artist made such an impact that the audience found it, at times, hard to resist clapping during the performance. This duo set forth the stage for yet another classical make-over.

Tom Litteral playing trumpet took on what is already a musical treasure “Over the Rainbow.”

Litteral was able to bring out the true essence of the song.

Young pianist Daniel Metzger  seemed to enjoy the musical challenges brought on by tempo and the attention given to him for being one of the youngest one in the group.

Metzger at one point of the concert dropped a few of his notes, but he always kept his composure. He played like if his young life revolved around every musical note.

Softly, the band began its final number with Dawson taking over the drums and the tempo growing around his playing.

The band rallied around him like a battalion of soldiers on the move. When all of sudden Dawson takes the lead and finishes off the night with a breath taking drummer solo.

Transcending all expectations, sporadic applauds were heard throughout the building, leaving a memorable impression on all in attendance.

All of the band members brought out their special talents and gifts, from the youngest to the not so young, these musicians showed the listeners why some jazz concerts are still being sold-out today.

After the concert Dawson reminded the audience that their goal was not only to entertain but to educate as well.

Students who are majoring in music would receive their training for free. He also mentions that if anyone was interested in joining the band that on August 27 there would be an open audition.

First Friday Jazz Series gives testament that our school and community holds some of the most talented people in music business today. Make the time to find out for yourself, you will be glad you do.

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