Indecent exposure suspect caught on ELAC campus

By Favio Hernandez

Suspect of a recent indecent exposure incedent at the Helen Miller Bailey Library was caught on May 1.

A female victim reported the incident on April 5 to the Sheriff’s Department, the day it happened.

The suspect, who reportedly exposed himself, was caught on ELAC campus by Sheriff Deputies and is currently awaiting to be sentenced by the court system.

The suspect’s name is not being released because the details of the incident are still under investigation. Details on how the suspect was apprehended are classified and cannot be disclosed at the moment.

Sheriff Deputy Humberto Barragan elaborated more on the matter.

After the incident, the security in the school library has been increased. According to Barragan, students were advised to walk with precaution, to stay aware of their surroundings, and not to walk through dark areas alone.

The announcement of the incident was delayed because the Sheriffs Department wanted a better understanding of the situation.  They wanted to make sure the information presented by the victim was accurate before proceeding with apprehending the suspect.

“We wanted to have all of our ducks in a row before moving forward. To be fair and imperative to the suspect,” Barragan said.

They didn’t want to unfairly treat the suspect and jump into conclusions before the facts were properly understood.

Due to the nature of the occurrence, the Sheriff’s Department said that a sensitive issue should be attended with extreme care and without judgment.

According to Barragan,  these incidents could occur anywhere at anytime and students should be aware of their surroundings. According to a statement, the Sheriffs Department has done everything in their power to increase the safety of the students.

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