“Moms’ Night Out”

By Yuge Jiang

Whoever says being a full-time mom is an easy job apparently hasn’t met Allyson from “Moms’ Night out.”

Allyson, played by Sarah Drew, is a typical full-time mom who lives a perfect American-dream type of life. She has a beautiful home, three adorable children and a wonderful husband who is loving and supportive.

Even Allyson herself says that the life she has now is exactly what she dreamed of when she was a kid.

Even though everything is looking good for her, Allyson’s life is a disaster.

Allyson’s life is endlessly screaming, house cleaning and looking after kids all day everyday.

Ally’s best friend Izzy, played by Logan White, who has pretty much same kind of life knows exactly what she has been going through.

It seems like a moms’ night out is desperately needed.

Major stressed mom and Pastor’s wife Sondra, played by Patricia Heaton, joins the two of them in planning a long-awaited night out.

Despite all the obstacles that stand in their way, this ultimate moms’ night out is happens.

As another Hollywood’s night-out gone bad story, “Moms’ Night Out” has a weak storyline and the performances from the actors aren’t the best.

This movie came out on May 9, right before Mother’s Day. It should have attracts a decent amount of mothers.

The most successful part of this film is the comedy and it reminds us how great mother’s are.

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This movie connects to real life. It pays tribute to every single hardworking mom out there.

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