New vending machines can provide healthy alternatives

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By Nina Chin

East Los Angeles College students often find themselves buying their meals from the various fast food restaurants around campus or maybe stopping by one of the vending machines for a quick snack between classes.

Consistently eating chips or drinking sodas is unhealthy, however, many do not understand the full extent of the toll it can take on their body.

Almost all of the food that is readily available to us contains what are called  genetically modified organisms.

These are plants and animals that are created through gene splicing, which is the mutation of genes.

Hundreds of companies use GMOs to sell products that are easily created and can be preserved well.

GMOs are found in nearly 80 percent of all conventional processed food.

Students may think that they are just grabbing a bag of Lay’s potato chips to hold them over until their next meal, but what they are really eating is something that resembles potato chips and is completely made of synthetic ingredients and artificial flavors.

One of the frightening aspects of GMOs is that American companies are not required to label products that contain them.

Despite arguments that these snack companies present, GMOs have not yet been proven to be safe.

Research has shown that the consumption of GMOs can lead to a number of long term health problems.

It can cause new allergy outbreaks, affect the immune system and cause people to become resistant to certain medicines.

Labeling GMOs has become a hot topic these days.

There are a number of schools that have been working with Canteen Vending Services who offer vending machines called 2bU which provides healthier snack options for students.

The snacks boast to be gluten-free, kosher and locally sourced. It also has more options to students who are vegan.

These machines have higher costs than machines used now, but the difference in cost is for products that are organic, all-natural and healthier.

If students were to make healthier choices by eating different food, it would be better for their bodies and brains in the long run.

Students buy from vending machines because it’s a fast and easy option. It is logical that healthy options be made readily available as well.

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