ELAC’s jazz band aims to satisfy the audience

By Travion James

The East Los Angeles College Jazz Band left those in attendance satisfied with a lively performance at the S2 Recital Hall on May 9. The Recital Hall provided a platform for talented musicians to play a wide range of jazz music.

Hands clapped the whole night and audience members even recorded parts of the show on their smart phones.

The four-piece band features Alex Quiroz on leader guitar, Daniel Metzger on piano, Kevin MacShane on drums and John Silva on bass. At one point during the concert, Metzger dropped a few of his notes, but kept his composure.

The band electrified the crowd from start to finish.

The classical “Battle Hymn of the Republic” received a makeover by Bobby Chavez on the trumpet, and Mike Julian on the trombone. These two artists easily impressed the audience, and had them clapping and cheering.

Triumph player, Tom Litteral, took on the classic “Over the Rainbow.” Litteral transformed the classic song into a beautiful jazz ballad.

Friday night’s event marked the final showcase in the ELAC’s “First Friday” jazz series this semester. It came to an end on a high note. ELAC music director, Bob Dawson, reminded the audience that their goal was not only to entertain, but to educate as well.

Dawson also mentioned that if anyone is interested in joining the ELAC Jazz Band there will be open auditions on August 27.

The ELAC symphony orchestra will be performing with the Wilson High School band on May 29.

ELAC’s music department presents Spring 2014 student recitals. Recitals are being held Wednesday at 12 noon in the S2 Recital Hall Performing Fine Arts Complex.

For more information about upcoming events contact the ELAC Music Department at (323) 265-8894 or visit the ELAC website at elac.edu.

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