Fire Service Day educates on safety

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By AnnieHazel Umana

Fire station 54 held Fire Service Day May 10, that featured many activities.

From 2p.m. the firefighters held demonstrations on how to save a life by preparing their audience with a one-on-one CPR training. The audience received information about situations if they were to occur. From children to elders, the participants who practiced on dummies, provided by the fire department, did it with such determination.

“If there’s too much pressure then you can break the rib cage, but if it were to be my child, honestly I’d rather break his rib cage than lose him,” George Guevarra said, when asked if it was safe to put a lot of pressure on a child’s chest when they are not breathing.

Things like this tend to open minds, making people see things differently and realize how some risks are better than others.

This event also had many stands where participants could receive  more information about what to do if a situation like an earthquake, fire, hurricane or flood were to happen.

Filled with such useful information, people gathered around to converse with the experts and grab a pamphlet or two before moving on to the next activity.

Fire engines parked on the closed street in order for the people, especially the children, to climb on and explore the vehicles.

From lifeguards to beauty queens, this event had different people representing not only the fire department, but the city of South Gate as well. Miss South Gate 2014 attended the event.

As one walks by the informative canopies, it was impossible to not notice the fire department’s huge fire dozer set on a truck.

This machine is said to help with raging forest fires and is able to open paths in order to get to, or out, of the fire quicker than any vehicle.

Another canopy had chainsaws, shovels and other materials on display. Visitors could take a look and hold the heavy equipment made especially for their part of the department.

They gave explanations on how they barged into a flaming home and the steps it takes to get in and get out successfully.

“If there’s no guts, there’s no glory,” Firefighter Enrique Marroquin, said.

“We don’t know if we will be coming out or not, but that is part of the thrill. Just pay attention to your training and hope for the best.” Marroquin said.

The rescue team zoomed- by various times on their helicopter as the event supervisor  announced that they were about to demonstrate how a vehicle is opened after an accident.

People surrounded the car and watched as one of the firefighter got into his suit in less than a minute and later made his way to the vehicle with a huge machine in hand.

Wrecking the car window was the start, followed by the team ripping the door off the car. People responded with cheers and children in firefighter suits gave a grin from ear-to-ear.

The many suits placed on the floor, which were meant for people to try on, were eye-catching. The visitors did not hesitate to jump into them and suit-up with a huge smile and excitement.

The suits were not the only things grabbing smiles. Free food and drinks were available for hungry parents while their children entertained themselves in the “Shakey Quakey Earthquake Prepareness Drill.” This simulator demonstrates the power of a 3.4 earthquake and the hazards it can provide.

The passengers are placed into a small classroom that is built into a truck and later is given a hard shake that warns and prepares anyone inside about earthquakes.

Even with all of the activities going on, these heroes did not forget Mother’s Day.

They placed a stand with balloons and floral decorations for the mothers in order for them to feel the warmth of the holiday.

Filled with games and entertainment, free food and drinks, life saving information and their pet Sparky the Dalmatian, Fire Service Day was a useful experience for family and friends.

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