Old Glory deserves honorable ceremony

OLD GLORY– The American flag over Weingart Stadium at East Los Angeles College aged over time. (C/N Cindy Sepulveda)

By Hugo Narvaez

Both the campus and the nation’s flag at East Los Angeles College have seen better days.

The campus flag that flies next to the Weingart stadium looks warn out. Weather, pollution and time has taken a toll on The American flag on campus.

With its radiant colors fading and its fabric shredding into the air, the flag still stands alone as a reminder of the nation’s freedom.

The flag is a great reminder of the brave men and women who ware in and have been a part of in the arm services.

There are a great deal of plans to improve the ELAC campus.

However the American flag on campus waves on in a torn state.

ELAC takes pride in its heritage and looks forwards to improving the image of the campus in the future, but the flag is not a priority.

The United States Flag code says that the flag when it is in such condition that it’s no longer a fitting emblem of display, it should be destroyed in a dignified manner, preferably by burning.

There are organizations like the Boy Scouts of America and Veterans of Foreign Wars that will provide information on how to perform the ceremony.

We have just celebrated Memorial Day, but lets remember our nation’s flag and the time it has served to inspire athletes and students to do their best.

Lets enjoy our freedom responsibly. Lets give the flag its due honor.

A burning ceremony for the flag is a somber thing that makes us reflect that we must always give our best as a nation.

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