Workshop offers help for unemployed students

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By John Munoz

Randy Lee, 27, patiently awaited those who planned to attend the job fair workshop last Thursday.

Lee expected to see a lot of people from the job fair on campus to participate in his workshop.

Yet, only a few showed up to the workshop.

The workshop focused on how to attain a job and the process in which one goes through to do it.

The lecture was accompanied by a packet that provided information about the slides.

Included in the packet was the the East Los Angeles College Career and Job Resource Guide.

The guide is a part of the study pack that includes the slides from the lecture and presentation.

Along with the guide was a small fold out pamphlet which provided more  information on free resources.

Mentioned in the packet was ELAC’s new online job database.

The database allows students to search exclusive job listings, as well as allows users to create and save job resumes.

Available on the site is access to anouncements, career advice, videos, podcasts and articles.

Lee went through some of the material provided in the packet such as the free career assessment test and some of the resources that the Career & Job Service Center offer.

Some of the services provided include career counseling and career assessments.

They also offer internships with other companies but one has to be signed into the program to participate in them.

The job sites provide the training on location.

Lee encouraged the few in attendance to discuss openly and to bring up any questions that they may have.

Lee explained that someone’s work experience may be useful to someone else.

Through discussing each other’s experiences of employment one thing was a common factor, many of them acquired a job through networking.

“Networking is very important in abating a job, for over 60 pervent of hiring jobs are through networking,” Lee said.

He also clarified that it was not the only way to land a job. Networking  is simply a more effective manner of gaining employment.

Someone we meet or talk to may be someone who could help get that job.

“So be polite and be courteous because you never know who you might be talking to,” Lee said.

The resources offered by the school could be useful when looking for a job.The campus offers many resources that are free to students. It is important to take advantage of them.

A lot of the resources provided on campus offer job listings and may even have open positions for employment.

When looking for work in person or on the web it is vital to gather information about the position and employer.

“Do research, be a detective and keep it up,” Lee said.

The sites and the school’s job listing database are free for students to use.

Things like the job fair and workshop should be utilized because the school pays for it and they are free to the students.

Eureka gives information on jobs in general, such as the average salary, requirement to obtain and maintain employment and also what degrees are needed to apply.

Near the end of the presentation Lee wanted to remind those in attendance that looking for a job was a long process and one has to keep at it.

Those that look for employment must continue to search and ask questions if they truly wish to be employed.

He also reminded attendees that there are other workshops that will be offered throughout the semester.

The workshop “Job for Veterans” helps those of a mature age attain employment in today’s job hunt.

“WhodoUwant2be” is a workshop that is geared toward students with undecided majors. The workshop works  to help promote a more focused plan for their academic future.

The job skills workshops are seperated into three parts: the first  aims at building up personal resumes, while the second focuses on searching for a employement as well as information on internships, the third part is geared toward interviewing successfully.

It is easy to become discouraged while looking for a job. It can become a tedious process.

Througout the workshop Lee reitierated that looking for a job is a job within itself.

The career center provides help to students by teaching them how to create and update resumes in useful ways to catch the attention of possible employers.

A guide can be picked up from the center that provides examples of resumes and cover letters. It also provides helpful tips to use on resumes.

Other helpful information includes how to handle interviews and informs students of illegal questions that employers cannot ask.

Knowledge provided at workshops similar to this one provide helpful tips and information.

For students that would like more information or assisstance, ELAC’s career and job resource center provides a useful guide for students located in the administration building.

To contact the center call (323) 415-4126.

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