Education is key to success

Student success

By Bonnie Regalado 

Students should view their education as an important factor in their lives; no ifs, buts or maybes.

Regardless of the circumstances, the grade a student receives by the end of the semester is due to the effort they put into it throughout the course.

This semester I took a psychology course and throughout the semester, all my professor said was, “It’s your education, ladies and gentleman, not anyone else’s. Work hard for it.”

Sometimes, as students, we tend to make up excuses as to why we couldn’t get that  A. We either blame the professor or anyone or anything but ourselves as to why we didn’t do as well as planned.

For years, professors get the typical excuses as to why students are not turning in assignments. “My cat ate my homework.” “My family member is very ill.” Sadly, most of the excuses lack the truth.

Emergencies happen. They are a part of life and professors can be understanding of situations that students go through.

Simply contact them and let them know what’s going on.

There are no excuses to not turn in assignments. Students can email their professor and turn in an essay.

Channel 5 released a story of a UCLA student who struggled financially to pay for his education. He explained how important his education was to him and picked up napkins and Windex. He cleans car windows outside of local grocery stores and saves the money to pay for his schooling.

He encourages other students and sets a perfect example of how putting in the effort is an important factor into succeeding toward your education.

When it comes to school and earning an education, it’s every person for his or her self. Students work hard for it and make the best out of it.

Procrastination is what affects most students. Students have the tendency to leave assignments until the last minute.

Whether a student receives financial aid or pays out of his or her pocket, they should always give 100 percent.

Going to school and earning an education is not a joke. Getting good grades and expanding students minds to learn new things will enhance their abilities in the future.

Students should prioritize and remind themselves the good outcome to dedicating their time to school.

Every time I walk into a classroom, the majority of the students are on their phones. Most classes at ELAC are an hour and a half long.

Is it hard for students to put their phones down for a short amount of time?

A student’s time and attention should be dedicated to the lecture. This is all part of how much a person is willing to try for their education.

All a student needs is time, patience and an effort to learn. Students should go the extra mile. There are no excuses to not get   good grades.

The minute a student enrolls in a course, they are signing up for a responsibility that no one can fulfill but themselves.

Students strive and remind themselves that education is key to a brighter future.

It’s your education. Show yourself how badly you want it.

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